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Property Management Services Twin Cities MN

Property Management Services Twin Cities MN

Get Your Rental Home Ready For Spring

Prepare Your Twin Cities Area Rental Home Springtime is the optimal time for cleaning your Twin Cities area rental property.  Here’s a”to-do list” to help with with your rental home cleaning. Have a Plan and Set Realistic Cleaning Goals Having a plan and setting realistic expectations for yourself is critical. Make a list of all the items you want to accomplish during your spring cleaning. Determine how long you expect your spring cleaning to take. Make a list of all the tools you’ll need to accomplish the items on your list. Be realistic.  Don’t expect to scratch the items off your list on one day.  Schedule your spring cleaning projects over several days so you don’t burn yourself out. As you are planning and making your list, consider including these: Wash the winter grime off your windows to let the spring sunshine in. Change out your warm heavy linens and drapes for lighter, cooler textiles. Rotate your mattresses and replace your pillows. Wash or replace your shower curtains. Reverse your fans to blow cool air around the house. Check your fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguishers. Clean out your pantry and wipe down the shelves in your refrigerator […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Property Management Company

5 Questions to Ask Your Twin Cities MN Property Management Company As with any business or industry, it’s made up of good companies, bad companies and great companies. The main goal of any property management company should be to help maximize the returns on your property and to help manage the day-to-day responsibilities by being your approved landlord. You should never feel like you are being interviewed when checking out a property management company in the Minneapolis MN and Twin Cities MN area. You should always control the interview and hire the best if you want to have a successful investment property. Not all property management companies will share your ideas or opinions as to how your property should be managed. Here are 5 important questions to ask a property management company to help determine if the company you have selected will be the right fit for managing your investment property. How Many Evictions Do You Process Each Year? This question is important and could help determine the effectiveness of the property management company’s practices. A high turnover with tenants may indicate flaws in the management style or the approval process for new tenants. How Do You Handle Late Rent […]

Complete Property Management Program

Fully Managed Property and Tenant Placement Program The Property Management Program provides a full service, turn key property management program for our clients that includes the following: Advise client of fair market value for the property Aggressive marketing of the property through our network of real estate professionals and unique advertising Tenant inquiries and showings Tenant screenings, qualification and placement Lease preparation 24 hour maintenance and repair availability Preventive maintenance and inspections Detailed monthly and annual accounting All communications and notices to include late fee assessment Move-in/move-out coordination to include inspections Rent and deposit collection and disbursement as required by law Rules and regulation compliance The fee for our full service Property Management Program is as follows: $699.00 Flat Rate or 50% of the first months rent whichever is greater. A low monthly management fee of only $89.00 Thank you for considering Property Properly, LLC!


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