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Get Your Rental Home Ready For Spring

Prepare Your Twin Cities Area Rental Home Springtime is the optimal time for cleaning your Twin Cities area rental property.  Here’s a”to-do list” to help with with your rental home cleaning. Have a Plan and Set Realistic Cleaning Goals Having a plan and setting realistic expectations for yourself is critical. Make a list of all the items you want to accomplish during your spring cleaning. Determine how long you expect your spring cleaning to take. Make a list of all the tools you’ll need to accomplish the items on your list. Be realistic.  Don’t expect to scratch the items off your list on one day.  Schedule your spring cleaning projects over several days so you don’t burn yourself out. As you are planning and making your list, consider including these: Wash the winter grime off your windows to let the spring sunshine in. Change out your warm heavy linens and drapes for lighter, cooler textiles. Rotate your mattresses and replace your pillows. Wash or replace your shower curtains. Reverse your fans to blow cool air around the house. Check your fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguishers. Clean out your pantry and wipe down the shelves in your refrigerator […]

Facing Foreclosure? Become an Investor!

Facing Foreclosure? Become an Investor! No one likes to think about, let alone talk about foreclosure, but for many it’s a harsh reality. Everyone knows that adding a foreclosure to your “been there, done that” list can hinder your ability to buy a home in the future and do severe damage to your credit. In many cases, It can drop a credit score a full 200 to 300 points! What many are not aware of is the impact damaged credit can have on other aspects of life. Poor credit can result in paying higher automobile insurance premiums. Poor credit can result in denial of credit, or paying a higher interest rate if they DO issue credit. It can hurt you as you’re looking for a job. Many employers use credit scores to determine trustworthiness and whether or not that person would be a responsible employee. So… what do you do? First, don’t be hard on yourself. You’re not alone. Many are facing that same dilemma. Second, put that word “foreclosure” right out of your mind and make the decision to join a growing number of Twin Cities MN property owners and homeowners we like to call “Accidental Investors”. Our team […]

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