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Information for Tenants

Information for Tenants

Renters Insurance – Do NOT Go Without It

Renters Insurance – Don’t Go Without It So you’re considering renting a home in the Twin Cities area. Are you also considering “renters insurance”? If not, you should. Here are four reasons why: Your Landlord’s Insurance Covers Their Personal Property, Not Yours. Start doing the math and you’ll quickly realize that the value of your personal property is worth much more than you may think. Items that are typically covered in a renters insurance policy can include: – Electronics, TV’s, Computer Equipment – CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games & Consoles – Home Office Equipment – Sports Equipment – Musical Equipment – Antiques & Collectibles – Clothing & Jewelry – Furniture – Appliances – Tools Always double check with your insurance company to make sure you know exactly what’s covered. It’s also a good idea to document what you own with photos and/or videos and keep these in a secure location away from your home in case of fire. Disasters and Tragic Events Happen. Renters insurance can also protect your possessions against theft, fire, vandalism and more. Renters Insurance Protects More Than Just Property. What if someone visiting you is injured during that visit? Perhaps they trip down the stairs, slip on the […]

Rental Information for Tenants

Twin Cities, MN Rental Property Use the links below for all of your Twin Cities Metro Rental Property needs!   View Available Rental Properties Application Approval Process Rental Application and Instructions Pay Rent Online Maintenance Request Property Properly, LLC 651-400-7250 17305 Cedar Ave #110, Lakeville, MN 55044

Tenant Move Out Instructions

Tenant Move-Out Instructions For your convenience, we’ve provided a “Move Out Checklist“ which you can view/download/print. Tenants are required to give a 30 day notice prior to vacating the property.  It’s critical that you follow these instructions when you are ready to move out of your Twin Cities, MN rental property. An inspection will be performed on your Twin Cities, MN rental property only after: You have removed all of your personal property. You have thoroughly cleaned the property including indoors and yard. You have turned in your keys and any garage door openers if applicable. Upon bringing the keys and any garage door openers (if applicable), we will perform the inspection.  You are considered a tenant, still living at the property, until keys and garage door openers are turned in.  As a result, rent will be charged accordingly until these items are received by us.  DO NOT leave any keys and/or garage door openers at the rental property.  You will not be allowed to re-enter the property after keys and garage door openers are turned in. The condition of the property will determine how quickly you will receive your deposit.  The better the condition, the faster your deposit will be returned. […]

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